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Since 1964, we at Daniel Thomas Group of Schools have been dedicated in providing the best education to every child passing through our doors.... Read More


Ensure the development of all facets of our students' lives: Emotional, Intellectual, Moral and Physical. Create and sustain an atmosphere that... Read More

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Our school was founded with the purpose of giving education of highest quality, within an atmosphere that encourages the wholesome development... Read More

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Enhanced learning was introduced in the year 2010. This helps the student develop moral values, be up-to-date on information about new technologies and learn... Read More

Class Room

Classrooms at Daniel Thomas are specifically designed for different kinds of use, at different grade levels. For kindergarten and primary standard students... Read More


Parents are welcome to drop the students at the School but if it's not possible then the School has an efficient transport system of its own to make sure... Read More


  • Thiru J. Jespher Daniel

    Thiru J. Jespher Daniel was born on October 30, 1928, to Thiru Jothiprakasam and Thirumathi Ponnammal Jothiprakasam in Tirunelveli District. His zest to impart education even at the vibrancy of his youth was commendable. Little wonder that he started his career as a teacher in order to dispel the darkness of illiteracy among people. He strived hard to radiate the light of education in his village with an inclination to educate the downtrodden children. Unmindful of the hardship, he visited the houses in his village and the neighboring areas to bring the children together and impart education to them. He also made it a regular exercise to go to the student's home in the evenings to ensure that the students were delightfully studying. With age and hard work on his side, Mr. J. Jespher Daniel started the Daniel Thomas School in Arumbakkam in the year 1957. The school at its inception had just 100 students and 3 teachers. He was firm but a very kind hearted person. He gave his priority to the call of Lord Jesus and started any work with a prayer. Simplicity was his hallmark. Punctuality was his anchor. He always talked less but his deeds were louder. "Prayer Brings Victory" was the motto he sealed on all the schools. 'Talk Less, Work More' was his password for success in reaching great heights.


Extra Curricular Activities develop discipline, self-control, physical and mental health. Read More...


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